SUMO DTR Dynamic Line Rating solution for increase of Croatian transmission grid capacities

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SUMO DTR Dynamic Line Rating solution for increase of Croatian transmission grid capacities


SUMO DTR Dynamic Line Rating solution for increase of Croatian transmission grid capacities

Solvera Lynx d.o.o. will deliver SUMO DTR, dynamic line rating solution, to Croatian transmission system operator HOPS as a part of a new information system for “voltage and reactive power regulation support of the EES and dynamic monitoring of the transmission lines load within the SINCRO.GRID project”

SINCRO.GRID – advanced project was created by the long-term cooperation of Croatian and Slovenian transmission and distribution system operators (ELES, HOPS, HEP-ODS, SODO). The project’s objective is to address the challenges of the power system management and eliminating congestion in the power grid. Additionally, project will enable an acceptable level of EES security and ensure the conditions for the acceptance of new RES.

SUMO DTR provides the transmission system operator a new way to handle critical situations in the case of high powerline loads or potentially high powerline loads (N-1). By using dynamic line rating method, which is based on actual local weather and forecasted local weather, it provides the TSO operators the information on powerline ratings (how much a powerline can be loaded) that are on average 10 – 30 % higher than the nominal (static) ratings, that are currently in use by most TSOs.

One of the advantages of our solution is non-invasive installation and DTR calculations – there is no need for switching off the power line.

Other benefits include:

  • Modular design. Due to modular design only needed functionalities are implemented to complement company’s existing SCADA/EMS
  • Fast Deployed (appr. 6 months) – much faster compared to powerline upgrade (2-5 years) or new powerline deployment (5-10 years).


SUMO has been implemented at Slovenian TSO ELES since 2015 and has been used in daily operation on more than 20 powerlines on all voltage levels (110, 220 and 400 kV). Since the introduction of SUMO DTR, ELES was able to avoid multiple congestions in the power grid.

In the scope of the SINCRO.GRID project, SUMO DTR will help HOPS to continuously evaluate the actual capacities of three existing powerlines. Based on the experience from the project it will allow HOPS to use the DTR technology on other existing powerlines as well.

SUMO DTR will enable HOPS to:

  • Better utilize the existing power grid and improve awareness in the situation with Power Grid
  • Secure and remedy operation in changing environment
  • Decrease demand for costly actions
  • Better utilize existing power grid. Potential increase of grid capacities is 10 – 30%!


The finish date of the project is planned by the end of February 2021.

Solvera Lynx d.o.o. combines interdisciplinary knowledge in energy and IT. We introduce modern information technology and advanced energy services to the demanding technical fields of energy, industry, and utilities. Solvera Lynx provide a cost-effective package of integrated software and hardware solutions.

Main advantages:

  • Tailor-made service packages. Full customization of our advanced software solution, addressing real utility’s needs, creating reliable and trustworthy  information on powerline ratings
  • Expertise.  Experience gained from everyday use of SUMO is used for new and improved functionalities.


Končar KET d.d. company from Croatia is the main contractor of the Sincro.Grid ICT project with HOPS. Končar KET is the main contracting and engineering company within the Končar – Electrical Industries Inc. (Končar Group).  Company main focus is design and construction of complex electric plants and installations for electric power generation, transmission and distribution, for industrial branches and for transportation on a ‘’turn-key’’ basis and implementation of ICT solutions for power system supervision and control. Most of the equipment and components for plants and installations are produced in Končar Group’s factories.



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