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Debeli Rtič hotel complex

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Debeli Rtič hotel complex

Company Profile: The Debeli Rtič Youth Health and Summer Resort is a hotel complex managed by the Slovenian Red Cross. The complex was built in 1956 and remodelled in 2016.

Project: an information system for energy management.

By using LoRaWAN technology, ComBox.L devices, and the GemaLogic software platform at Debeli Rtič Youth Health and Summer Resort we have implemented an Energy Management System that enables not only an accurate control of energy usage but represents a valuable source of information for introducing cost reduction measures.

During the energy renovation process of the complex, they ordered an energy use monitoring and management system. The distances between individual meters and the position of the building made wired communication unsuitable. We used the wireless ComBox.L communication devices to set up communication with the energy management system. Expanding the existing LoRaWAN network enabled us to cover the entire area of the hotel complex and set up communication devices in all the less accessible places, thus establishing LoRaWAN communication. We installed 33 ComBox certified LoRaWAN devices, 14 of which are for gas metering, 10 are volume correctors, 5 are temperature sensors, and 1 analogue input device.

Combox.L communication devices collect data from meters in regular 15-minute intervals and transmit the readings via the “LoRa” network to gateways, which then transmit them to the EMS (Energy management system). This is all done using the standard LoRaWAN communication protocol. The data is gathered and analysed in the GemaLogic energy management program.

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