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Novo Mesto Municipality

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Novo Mesto Municipality

Company Profile: Municipality of Novo Mesto is one of the eleven Urban Municipalities in Slovenia. There are approximately 36,000 people there, with over 22,000 living in the town of Novo mesto. Municipality’s public authorities have faced a need to adopt sustainable energy management solutions and infrastructure upgrades in order to reach desired economic performance goals and contribute to the creation of socially and environmentally – responsible.

Project: Energy Management in Municipalities and Public Buildings.

Consumption of resources: electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, water, heating oil

Number of facilities: 54

Metering points: 300 +


The operation of public buildings requires massive energy consumption. Unfortunately, nearly 25% of the energy used to run public facilities is wasted. Introduction of energy management system can be the answer for immediate savings and energy loses reduction.


1. Energy consumption monitoring: electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, water, heating oil
2. Energy efficiency analysis
• Definition and monitoring of key energy efficiency performance indicators
• Analyses of energy products usage
• Costs of heat consumption
• Costs water consumption
3. Energy accounting
• Energy consumption benchmarking
• Advanced analysis of energy costs

Comprehensive Water Management System for pulic buildings.
We suggested connecting meters with innovative wireless long-range equipment – ComBox.L®, which will transfer the data to GemaLogic® software platform where the following functionalities are avaliable: water consumption monitoring,water consumption quantities and costs analyses,comparison of consumption pattern in several buildings and alarming.


1. Digitalization of energy data and control over key energy sources (electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, water).
2. Systematic and real-time energy monitoring, advanced analysis, benchmarking, and forecasting
3. Alarming system implementation: identification of deviations and their causes (e.g., water leakage) in energy consumption and the possibility of quick actions
4. Energy efficiency improvements:
• Greater efficiency and easier monitoring of the effectiveness of implemented measures
Introduction of a comprehensive energy management system and measures as a basis for achieving the energy consumption
reduction target
• Energy consumption reduction in the first year of solution implementation
• Reduction of energy losses caused by leakages

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