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Company profile: The SIJ Group is the largest Slovenian vertically integrated metallurgical group and one of the largest producers of stainless and special steels in Europe. Project: The introduction of a comprehensive energy management system and measures as a basis for future energy consumption reduction. The project required a custom-made solution to optimise energy-intensive production processes. The inhospitable industrial environment with extreme temperature conditions and far-spread production areas made the project even more challenging.


SIJ Metal Ravne uses over 12GWh of electrical energy per month, more than 3 Mio Nm³/month of gas, and over 300,000m³/month technological water.


The company decided to run an energy management project with the following purposes:

– Monitoring and analyses with real-time energy consumption to make timely and intelligent decisions.

– Energy inspection

– Definition and analyses of key energy efficiency indicators

– Managing abnormal operation and energy losses

– Developing benchmarking and methodology for savings calculations (IJS)

– Introducing an energy accounting system

– Standardisation of reporting on energy use and achievement of targets

Although the major focus was on utilising energy sources more effectively through detection of energy-related opportunities and anomalies with an eye on the following benefits: upgrading energy performance and operational improvements, reducing CO2 emission and lowering energy costs.

The inhospitable industrial environment with extreme temperature conditions and far-spread production areas made the project even more challenging.


To achieve these objectives, Solvera Lynx offered a modern and innovative solution for smart energy management based on ComBox communication equipment and the advanced IoT platform GemaLogic.

Data transmission from meters was done by our innovative communication equipment ComBox.L® and ComBox.M®. Devices sent data to the advanced energy management platform GemaLogic®, where all information was gathered, processed and analysed.

Due to the modular structure of the GemaLogic IoT platform, our client combined basic modules – information and data management, together with advanced energy efficiency module for analysing, forecasting and optimising electricity, steam, and gas to match the specific requirements.


Using Solvera Lynx’s Energy Management System, SIJ Metal Ravne is expecting the following results: a systematic control over consumption, identification of inefficiencies and intelligent reporting and analysis across multiple locations.

The following primary project goals will be accomplished:

– Transparency in energy consumption and detailed analytics (digitalisation of energy data, real-time consumption picture)

– Energy efficiency improvements through real-time energy monitoring, advanced analysis and benchmarking

– Alarm system implementation (the detection of deviations and their causes in energy consumption and the possibility of quick action)

– Energy consumption & cost reduction in a long run

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