Electric energy

Control and analyse electric energy consumption.

Energy Monitoring


Implement an advanced software solution to collect and transmit data on electric energy consumption between different data management systems.

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Control and analyse the production of electricity from renewable sources like solar power plants, wind-farms, co-generation plants, and others.

IoT Cold Chain Monitoring

Technical information

Hardware solutions

  • Combox.M modular communication device
  • Power Supply:
    • Combox.M LynxBus Power Supply SL-PS1
  • UPS: Combox.M UPS.1
  • Communication Interfaces:
    • Combox.M LynxBus SL-RS232.2
    • Combox.M LynxBus SL-RS485.2
    • Combox.M MODBUS SL-MODBUS.1
    • Combox.M M-BUS SL-M-BUS.1
  • Input – Output Units:
    • Digital i/o
    • Analog input
  • Integration with gas volume correctors (Serial communication, own drivers):
    • Corus
    • VC2/VC3
    • Actaris
    • Instromet 2000
  • Integration with existing metering and billing solutions Combox.L – wireless communication device – LoRaWAN
    • Combox. L CI – pulse counter (2x DI, 2x security)

Software solutions

  • Automated data exchange:
    • eDOC server
    • Standardized XML structure
    • ebIX (European Forum for Energy Business Information eXchange)
    • ENTSO-E (The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity)
  • Distributed energy sources control
  • Diesel generator sets
  • Cogeneration
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Wind Mills
  • Alarms, Management, Control
  • Data aggregation
  • Energy-Production prediction


  • Alarms
  • Geolocations
  • Billing-Invoicing
  • Data Validation
  • Data synchronization
  • Data exchange
  • General data overview
  • Metering
  • Data archive
  • Process animation
  • Consumption prediction
  • Regular reporting


Solutions by Solvera Lynx not only provide control and oversight over electrical energy on trains, but also the tools to improve energy efficiency in railway infrastructure.

Ben Winters, Eastvision Nizozemska

Solvera Lynx have created program solutions and integrated them into our information environment.

Denis Battistela, CASRAM Italija

By using the GemaLogic energy management system here at BTC d.d., we are able to track the consumption of different energy sources in all our objects from a single reading point in a simple and easy-to-use way. The system is an excellent tool for monitoring the data, setting alarms and enables us to use energy effectively and cut energy costs.

Tomaž Damjan, BTC d.d.

At Telekom Slovenije, we use the GemaLogic energy management system, which meets the ISO 50001 standard. This way, we have all the energy source use for all our locations around Slovenia gathered in one place. The system is also an effective tool for cutting energy costs.

Axatel smart application S.R.l. integrated the Solvera Lynx ComBox.L range of devices into our existing platform. We use ComBox.L 2T devices for temperature measurements in the Axatel Smartcity platform.

Marco Rossi, Axatel
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