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GemaLogic® is a powerful tool for energy monitoring which enables the users to reduce their energy costs. It is suitable for industrial, commercial or public companies regardless of their business or size.

GemaLogic® is built as SOA enterprise architecture, consisting of database, application server, and various client applications. It can operate on almost any operating system (Windows, Linux) and supports all major database vendors (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2). As a web server application, GemaLogic® allows customers to deliver information through their company’s intranet or securely via the Internet (https). All that is required is a standard web browser running on a desktop or mobile device. This gives the customers complete freedom to choose the most suitable configuration for their existing IT environment. GemaLogic® can be used as a service in the cloud (SaaS) or as an integrated system installed on customer’s premises.


GemaLogic® acquires large numbers of various data regarding energy and related measurements in intervals of up to one minute. It stores current and archived values for the entire time series. Based on the data collected, mathematically calculated and time aggregated data can be provided. The data is presented in the form of tables, graphs or charts and as process schematics.


GemaLogic® can perform different energy data analyses, such as load profile ana-
lysis of different energy consumption and peak consumption analysis. Built-in Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) analysis give a feedback of energy management projects and guidance on the level of energy use that should be expected in a certain situation. Importantly, they also give early warnings of unexpected excess consumption caused by malfunctions, errors, unwanted user behaviour, and maintenance errors.


GemaLogic® allows variuos members of staff to be involved in energy management – from top management to people at different levels throughout the organisational structure. Every user can take advantage of predefined templates to create theirown reports which best suit their specific tasks. All these reports can be exportedin Excel or PDF formats. Important information and KPI can be displayed inDashboards to enable quick overview of the energy management performance.


Any deviation from the limits of normal operation can be immediately detected. The alerts can be sent to various recipients via SMS or e-mail. All thresholds and alarm limits can be adjusted by the customer.


GemaLogic® is certified by TÜV SÜD according to the TÜV SÜD Standard “Certified
Energy Data Management” and hereby meets the requirements of monitoring, measurement and analysis of the ISO 50001 standard on energy management systems. Using energy management software, GemaLogic® enables a systematic approach to continuous improvements of energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions, as well as lowering energy costs.


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