Virtual Power Plants

Utilize electricity from dispersed sources. Whenever you need it.

Energy Flexibility


Connect the distributed demand and generation into a smart grid that can balance out disruptions in the power grid.
Become a provider of ancillary services to the grid operator by aggregating the distributed resources into a virtual power plant.
With the virtual power plant, you control the total production and consumption potential of the distributed resources and balance out the energy deficit of the grid operator upon demand, thus securing an additional source of income.

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Take advantage of this tried and tested solution that enables permanent balancing of energy in the power grid.
Can you occasionally reduce your power consumption? Can you activate your idle generators or increase the output of the co-generation heat and power plant which would otherwise be unused? Increase your earnings by offering demand response services to the transmission system operator (TSO).

Case study "VPP Solution for an energy retailer"


With the GemaLogic software platform, you get a powerful demand response tool for operating a virtual power plant that continuously controls, evaluates, predicts, triggers alarms, and remotely activates energy resources.


Technical information


  • Intelligent energy management
  • Power generation and load forecast
  • Optimization of generation and load consumption
  • Management of load consumption
  • Management and control of distributed resources
  • Reporting
  • Comprehensive remote data acquisition


  • Distributed resources availability
  • Activation requests from the grid operator
  • Measurements from the generation resources and loads
  • Generation resources and loads historical data
  • Weather measurements


  • Aggregated energy increase/decrease available to the grid operator
  • Activation report


  • Deviation from requested change of load /generation
  • Unavailability of VPP resources
  • Emergency alerts


  • Actual load/generation of the VPP group
  • Overview of resources availability
  • Forecast for each resource
  • Calculated optimal load/generation set of VPP group

Use cases

Virtual Power Plant Solution for Petrol

INCREASE REVENUES FROM PROVIDING NEW ENERGY SERVICES   Introduction Solvera Lynx’s Virtual Power Plant Solution Results and Benefits The Petrol Company, the leading Slovenian energy company, is the principal strategic supplier of oil and other energy products on the Slovenian market. The core area of operations of the Petrol Group is oil trading activities. Petrol’s ...[ read more ]

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Solutions by Solvera Lynx not only provide control and oversight over electrical energy on trains, but also the tools to improve energy efficiency in railway infrastructure.

Ben Winters, Eastvision Nizozemska

Solvera Lynx have created program solutions and integrated them into our information environment.

Denis Battistela, CASRAM Italija

By using the GemaLogic energy management system here at BTC d.d., we are able to track the consumption of different energy sources in all our objects from a single reading point in a simple and easy-to-use way. The system is an excellent tool for monitoring the data, setting alarms and enables us to use energy effectively and cut energy costs.

Tomaž Damjan, BTC d.d.

At Telekom Slovenije, we use the GemaLogic energy management system, which meets the ISO 50001 standard. This way, we have all the energy source use for all our locations around Slovenia gathered in one place. The system is also an effective tool for cutting energy costs.

Axatel smart application S.R.l. integrated the Solvera Lynx ComBox.L range of devices into our existing platform. We use ComBox.L 2T devices for temperature measurements in the Axatel Smartcity platform.

Marco Rossi, Axatel
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