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Energy Efficiency


Adapt your infrastructure to the new environment; maintain the highest level of efficiency and safety of your operations, introduce better industrial energy management with lower costs. Our innovative energy efficient tools and systems – GemaLogic Software and ComBox Communication Equipment will help you to achieve primary energy management goals: holistic monitoring, control over energy performance and reduction of energy consumption & costs. On average, one year of implementing our system results in savings of 7%.

Case study "Connected Cement Factory"


The inhospitable industrial environment, high moisture rate, extreme temperature conditions, and far-spread production areas, make energy management projects quite challenging and expensive. Solvera Lynx offers you tools that make previously cost-prohibitive energy efficiency projects possible. Provide your company with a detailed overview of energy metrics, consumption patterns analyses, alarming, historical data overview, and future energy needs predictions. Your data will be gathered, processed, stored and shared throughout the entire organisation from maintenance to C-level in a way you prefer – on PC or mobile devices.



The GemaLogic Energy Management information system is certified by TÜV SÜD according to “Certified Energy Data Management” and hereby meets the requirements of monitoring, measurement and analysis of the ISO 50001 standard on energy management systems. Using energy management software, GemaLogic enables a systematic approach to continuous improvements of energy efficiency and reducing emissions as well as energy costs. GemaLogic is the ultimate energy management tool for all organisations using or preparing to introduce the ISO 50001 energy management system.



Innovative wireless LoRaWAN sensors enable a low-cost, simple, reliable, and secure data transfer.
Companies can gather data by using the LoRaWAN modern wireless technology without major investments in wired networks. The network is easy and cheap to operate and does not require maintenance by the network user. The coverage range is wide about 5km in urban areas and 10km in suburban areas. It has unique penetration capability – connection of LoRaWAN gateway to sensors that are 10 kilometres away or to water meters deployed underground. ComBox devices have very low power consumption (battery works more than 5 years).

Case study "Wireless solution for smart glass factory"


Use our structured approach towards energy efficiency:

1st step – Energy Efficiency Audit. Our experts share with you an overview of your current energy situation (consumption, bills, technology and legal position)

2nd step – Energy Data Analyses. Detailed analysis functions and dashboards will be available to illustrate energy saving potentials

3rd step – Suggestion of Efficiency Measures & Initiatives. Our certified energy managers investigate the savings opportunities and offer you the most suitable energy efficiency measures.

4th step – Check on the effectiveness of the suggested initiatives. Our specialists make sure that suggested measures are effective and profitable for your business.

Case study "Energy Efficiency Solution for a Brewery"


Solvera Lynx actively develops infrastructure and basic building blocks for the Industrial IoT applications and Smart Factories. We are working on sensing solutions to drive the Industrial Internet of Things applications and projects to its full potential. We have established the first LoRaWAN ™ network in the country covering major industrial areas. LoRaWAN™ technology is an exciting new solution for communicating at long range with low power and low cost. We connect various types of devices to the network. They independently communicate with different applications at low cost. ComBox communication devices transmit the data from meters to the advanced software platform GemaLogic®, where all the data is gathered, processed and analysed. Our LoRaWAN network already covers major Slovenian cities and will soon be present nationwide. It is the biggest LPN network in Slovenia, so using our infrastructure clients will save time and money on setting up their own.

Case Study – Energy Management in a Smart Factory

Use cases


Company profile: The SIJ Group is the largest Slovenian vertically integrated metallurgical group and one of the largest producers of stainless and special steels in Europe. Project: The introduction of a comprehensive energy management system and measures as a basis for future energy consumption reduction. The project required a custom-made solution ...[ read more ]

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Salonit Anhovo Company

Salonit Anhovo is the biggest cement production factory in Slovenia. In order to comply with European energy regulation and meet the energy consumption reduction target, Salonit Anhovo decided to carry out an energy management project. The project required a custom-made solution to optimize energy-intensive production processes. KEY CONSUMPTION DATA: Usage ...[ read more ]

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Telekom Slovenije Company

Company Profile: A comprehensive communications service provider in Slovenia. Project: Energy audit and information system for energy management. Telekom Slovenije d.d. decided to approach energy digitalization challenges with implementation of energy management system, which allows a transparent overlook of energy consumption and costs, while offering employees a tool that will ...[ read more ]

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Energy management system in Laško Brewery

Company Profile: Pivovarna Laško is the leading Slovenian brewery. Project: A preinvestment study and information system for energy management. During active monitoring and implementing the appropriate measures, Pivovarna Laško was able to decrease their water use by 14%, their electric energy use by 11%, their heat consumption by 10%, and ...[ read more ]

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Energy Audits

We carried out energy audits, introduced by EU methodology, in numerous large industrial plants.   Energy Audits (implementation process): DS SMITH Slovenia, Energy Audit - Brestanica, Logatec, Rakek, 2018 Kovinoplastika Lodge, Energy Audit, 2018 SIJ Group, ACRONI Jesenice, Energy Audit, 2017  Group SIJ, METAL Ravne, Energy Audit, 2017   Completed ...[ read more ]

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Steklarna Hrastnik Company

Company Profile: a Slovenian glass products manufacturing company. The Steklarna Hrastnik Company is the leading glass products manufacturer in Slovenia with a 150-year tradition. The company specializes in special glass packaging, glassware and lighting, as well as handmade items. The production takes place in two organizational units, where the energy consumers and ...[ read more ]

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Frutarom Etol Company

Company Profile: A global flavor and fine ingredients producer Project: Information system for energy management

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Solutions by Solvera Lynx not only provide control and oversight over electrical energy on trains, but also the tools to improve energy efficiency in railway infrastructure.

Ben Winters, Eastvision Nizozemska

Solvera Lynx have created program solutions and integrated them into our information environment.

Denis Battistela, CASRAM Italija

By using the GemaLogic energy management system here at BTC d.d., we are able to track the consumption of different energy sources in all our objects from a single reading point in a simple and easy-to-use way. The system is an excellent tool for monitoring the data, setting alarms and enables us to use energy effectively and cut energy costs.

Tomaž Damjan, BTC d.d.

At Telekom Slovenije, we use the GemaLogic energy management system, which meets the ISO 50001 standard. This way, we have all the energy source use for all our locations around Slovenia gathered in one place. The system is also an effective tool for cutting energy costs.

Axatel smart application S.R.l. integrated the Solvera Lynx ComBox.L range of devices into our existing platform. We use ComBox.L 2T devices for temperature measurements in the Axatel Smartcity platform.

Marco Rossi, Axatel
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