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GemaLogic® can perform different energy data analyses, such as load profile analysis of different energy consumption and peak consumption analysis. Built-in Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) analysis give a feedback of energy management projects and guidance on the level of energy use that should be expected in a certain situation. Importantly, they also give early warnings of unexpected excess consumption caused by malfunctions, errors, unwanted user behaviour, and maintenance errors.

The “Energy Efficiency” analysis is designed for energy managers for easy and prompt access to information on the inefficient use of energy. The tool provides users with relevant information on energy and water consumption in relation to the consumption-dependent variables (such as temperature deficit, temperature excess, production quantity).


The “Energy Efficiency” tool provides the generation of the following (sub)analyses:

  • Characteristic indicator demonstrates the value of energy consumption per product unit or benchmark hour, or any other independent variable.
  • M&T chart; Monitoring & targeting – advanced analysis that demonstrates the dependency of two types of data–the dependent and independent variable. It is the key analysis of energy efficiency and enables users to set target lines for the desired energy consumption.
  • CuSum; The Cumulative Sums is a statistical technique that defines the deviations between actual energy consumption and the target value that we have set in the M&T chart. The CUSUM analysis therefore directly depends on the selected target value of the typical energy consumption–target line.


Main tool functionalities:

  • Monitoring the consumption per product unit, temperature deficit and other independent variables
  • Monitoring the energy consumption efficiency
  • Triggering an alarm in the event of inefficient energy use
  • Evaluation of energy savings (in energy and money)
  • Generating reports
  • Exporting reports



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