LoRaWAN sensors

Wireless smart meters for the Internet of Thing

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ComBox.L are innovative wireless long-range sensors that utilize LoRaWAN technology. They require a minimal amount of energy to function and are powered by batteries or external source, while their lifespan is over 10 years.

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Solution for the most demanding and riskiest industrial conditions. ComBox.L ® ATEX devices are advanced communication equipment designed to support modern energy management projects aimed at achieving consumption and cost reduction targets.
ComBox.L® ATEX devices are intended to be used in demanding industrial environment/ potentially explosive atmospheres, in the areas where explosive liquids and gases are present. The devices have been throughly tested; ComBox.L® ATEX meets all essential safety requirements to operate in high-risk ATEX conditions.

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The term internet of things (IoT) describes connecting simple devices, sensors, actuators into grids. Different types of everyday devices can be linked together to communicate amongst themselves and to other applications. These devices can be cars, clothing items, houses, energy consumption meters.

The GemaLogic system and the Combox.L communication devices already enable the setup of an IoT network. This solution offers interoperability, flexibility, B2B communication, efficiency.

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Gather data from grid end points by using LoRaWAN modern wireless technologies. Gather all the data on the grid without major investments in wired networks. LoRaWAN technology provides a simple and cost-effective data transfer; its main advantage is the wireless technology, which dispenses with the need to set up a local wired communication network. The wireless technology is flexible; the communication devices are adapted to the existing local equipment. The wireless network is easy to operate and does not require maintenance by the network user. Data transfer with the LoRaWAN network is safe and reliable.

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Technical information


  • Combox.L CI, pulse sensor
  • Combox.L DI, state sensor
  • Combox.L 2T, temperature sensor
  • Combox.L AI, analogue gateway
  • Combox.L MB, modbus gateway
  • Combox.L SO, activation gateway

Battery powered modules

  • ComBox.L CI-B, pulse sensor
  • ComBox.L DI-B, state sensor
  • ComBox.L 2T-B, temperature sensor

External powered modules

  • ComBox.L CI-DC, pulse sensor
  • ComBox.L DI-DC, state sensor
  • ComBox.L 2T-DC, temperature sensor
  • ComBox.L AI-DC, analogue gateway
  • ComBox.L MB-DC, modbus gateway
  • ComBox.L S0-DC, activation gateway

Software support

  • Power management
  • Remote parameterization
  • Data logger (from 1 minute)
  • Scheduler module
  • Diagnostics
  • Time synchronization
  • Modbus RTU master driver


  • Battery supply: 2xAA, 2700mAh
  • External supply: 24VDC
  • Temperature range: 0°-50°C
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Housing: 100 x 83 x 41 mm

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