Membership in PE2 – the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2)

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Membership in PE2 – the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2)


Membership in PE2 – the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2)

Solvera Lynx has become a member of PE2 The Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2) 

12 February 2019 – The Membership Committee of the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2) approved earlier today the application for Regular B membership of Slovenian company, Solvera Lynx d.o.o. This was confirmed by committee chairman Raymond A. Marquez.

Based in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, Solvera Lynx joins the growing number of offshore companies that are interested to learn more about the energy efficiency market and policies in the Philippines, as well as build business-to-business networks, through an active membership in the Alliance.

PE2 president Alexander Ablaza welcomed its 52nd member was pleased with their quick confirmation of two representatives in the upcoming PE2 General Membership Meeting on 21 March 2019.

Solvera Lynx is a leading expert in energy monitoring and management. Over the last 16 years, its energy management solutions have been recognized by energy efficiency specialists, as well as prominent corporations such as Knauf Insulation, Henkel, ETI, Goodyear, DS Smith, DUOL, and others.

Solvera Lynx offers innovative solutions for smart energy management (EM) based on in-house developed Software (GemaLogic) and Hardware (ComBox) solutions. The company also includes in its portfolio the wireless LoRaWAN technology, which is believed to be a superior alternative to the classical wired networks due to its long range, unique penetration capabilities, flexibility, easy operation & maintenance, safe & reliable data transfer. This allows the company and its clients to focus on energy saving instead of investing in a wired network.

The firm’s software solutions work across multi-sites, multi-languages, multi-utilities, and fully integrable with production and building management systems. They empower energy managers to fully benefit from Big Data applied to their installations, with advanced analytic techniques, predictive models, and state-of-the-art interfaces.

Solvera Lynx will be represented in PE2 by its director, Arne Mislej, its sales director, Klemen Logar and its marketing officer, Mariia Iglova Andreuzzi.

PE2’s newest member is listed in the PE2 website:


Solvera Lynx d.o.o., Korona d.d. and SITEL d.o.o. has uptained the grant »PROMOTING PARTNERSHIPS FOR A MORE EFFECTIVE APPEARANCE ON FOREIGN MARKETS 2018 – 2019«.

The purpose of the grant is to promote partnerships consisting of at least three small or medium-sized enterprises, to short-term or long-term cooperation in the field of exports. The aim is to stimulate international activity and exports of the companies involved and to increase the efficiency of their presence on foreign markets by linking competencies, capacity, transfer of experience, knowledge and other business links.

The objective  is to establish partnerships and their appearance on foreign markets. Enterprises that expand their activities in foreign markets or enter new markets will, through their involvement in partnerships, improve the opportunities for entering or expanding their operations on foreign markets.

Within the project, the following activities will be carried out: formation of the strategy to enter the market, preparing sales and marketing plan to enter the market, thorough analyses of the Philippinian market, networking with partners, investors, final customers, presentation activities (trade fairs, conferences, road shows), advertising, digital marketing, , the main goal of which is to successfully enter the market and form new business partnerships.

Period of operation of the operation:

09/05/2018 – 31/10/2018

The project is supported by:

The call for tender is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund:

Ministry of Economic Development and Technology:

SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency:

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