Revolutionary energy management solutions from Ljubljana into the World

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Revolutionary energy management solutions from Ljubljana into the World


Revolutionary energy management solutions from Ljubljana into the World

Montel Energetika.NET portal has written an article about Solvera Lynx’s Annual Innovation Forum and Conference “Future Talks 2017”. Read it here

Highlights from the article:

  1. LoRaWAN technology and advantages it brings.

We were honoured to have our guest from the company Actility–Mr. Gabor Pop–a market leader in Smart Cities, Industries & Agriculture. Mr Pop’s presentation highlighted the global extension of the LoRaWAN ecosystem with the focus on further technological and market trends, and underlined differences in several (competitive) communication technologies: LoRaWAN, NB IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox, and showcased variable case studies for demanding technical fields in energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transport.


“You can have the best technology in the world but if it doesn’t make money… Therefore, the main question is how to make money with LoRaWAN,” said Pop, naming a number of advantages of this technology. It is easy to deploy it, it uses network on demand, it reduces energy consumption, it monitors workers – reduces accidents and increases security. It also allows the monitoring of infrastructure (preventive maintenance), as it is the case with Swiss railways. It also enables new use cases that were not possible before and it is compliant with new standards.

2. Solvera Lynx success stories 

Solvera Lynx’s partners: Mr Tomaž Vuk from Salonit Anhovo and Mr Tomaž Damjan from BTC presented innovative energy management projects implemented in industry and facilities.


Presentations of our experts can be found at the following links:

Presentation from Mr. Gabor Pop (Actility Company) Actility_presentation

Presentation from Mr. Tomaž Vuk (Salonit Anhovo Company) Salonit Anhovo_presentation

Presentation from Mr. Tomaž Damjan (BTC Company) BTC_presentation


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