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We are glad to announce the launch of new ComBox.L ATEX devices – an excellent solution for demanding and risky industrial conditions. The devices are designed to support modern energy management projects aimed at achieving consumption and cost reduction targets.

ComBox.L ATEX is intended to be used in demanding industrial environments/potentially explosive atmospheres, in the areas where explosive liquid vapours and gases are present. It is a cost-effective solution for remote monitoring, integrated with fully customised data logging and time synchronization functionalities.

ComBox.L® ATEX devices are compliant with ATEX certification and meet the safety requirements to operate in high-risk conditions.


ComBox.L® – 01 ATEX (PULSE SENSOR). Intended for connection of the potential free contact counter. It is used with a meter with a potential free contact output located inside ATEX Zone 1 and ATEX Zone 2. Pulses are aggregated in preset intervals. One meter with tamper protection can be connected to a single device.

ComBox.L®- 02 ATEX (LPG LEVEL SENSOR). It is used with a Rochester Hall effect gauge to measure the liquefied gas level in gas storage tanks located inside ATEX Zone 1 and ATEX Zone 2. Measurements are taken at preset intervals.


A wide range of businesses can benefit from our solutions: Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas and Industry.

ComBox.L® ATEX devices are designed for the following applications: remote tank level monitoring (diesel fuel, kerosene, gas), cathodic protection monitoring, automatic meter reading and gas cylinders stock management.

Our customers used these devices for the following projects: smart metering, volume monitoring (fuel tanks/containers) and different types of analyses (gas quality).


Implementation in demanding industrial environments. ComBox.L ATEX is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, in areas of where explosive liquid vapours and explosive gases are present.
Low Power. ComBox.L® ATEX devices are low power and can operate for many years (5-10 years) with built-in batteries.
Long Range. ComBox.L® ATEX devices use spread spectrum modulation allowing coverage of up to 5km in dense urban areas and up to 10km for countryside applications.
Connectivity. LoRaWAN® protocols are used to connect with the remote cloud. The devices have built-in data loggers, which ensure that all relevant data is stored and transmitted securely.
Robustness. Due to industrial design with IP 67 protection devices are suitable for harsh environments
Flexibility. ComBox.L® ATEX devices can integrate with any types of meters (electricity, gas, water, heath meters, others), sensors and actuators.


ComBox.L communication devices based on LoRaWAN technology form the basis for successful smart industry solutions. With LoRaWAN, entire sites and cities countries can be covered with just a few base stations; this has made IoT applications possible with minimal infrastructural investment. It is a better alternative to the classical wired networks due to its long range, unique penetration capabilities, flexibility, smooth operation & maintenance, and safe & reliable data transfer.

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