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Energy Operators


Complete solution package for energy operators offering advanced systems for integrity, operations, asset and maintenance management.

Get all data you need to make informed decisions for improving efficient operations, enable greater network reliability, increase safety, support regulatory compliance, introduce better asset management through comprehensive and consistent network overview: historical data, real-time data, and forecasts.

Improve core technical and organizational processes:

  • Data Management: data validation and integration, metering and telemetry, reporting and analyses
  • Consumption Management: consumption measuring, consumption demand forecasting
  • Supply Management
  • Digitalization of contracting, billing and accounting processes
  • Automated billing and invoicing of all services provided
  • Capacity Contract and Bilateral Capacity Trade Management
  • User Portals: special user portal that provides users with an overview of consumption data

Our Energy Operators case studies

  • Transmission System Operator - Assure reliable gas transmission and improve operational process.Read more
  • Distribution System Operator - Take care of reliable and cost-effective supply of natural gas, make continues observation over quality indicators and provide fast problem-solving in case of unscheduled interruptions or other failures in the gas network.Read more

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