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With distributed energy generation growing and increasing amounts of renewable power coming onto the grid, new challenges for Power Utilities and Grid operators emerge: imbalance loads and difficulties with integration of diverse resources.

To tackle these challenges and balance demand response Solvera Lynx developed Gemalogic Virtual Power Plant Platform to deliver clear demand response for grid operators and power utilities.


Gemalogic VPP software platform enables aggregators to provide control of electric energy consumption / production through aggregating distributed energy resources and activating loads with demand response functionality.

It is an excellent tool to provide flexibility for the power grid.


Gemalogic VPP platform combines functions of monitoring and controlling distributed energy resources, forecasting the industrial loads, optimization techniques for cost effective engagement of energy resources with modern communications and information technology.

It provides tools to the aggregator – the ability to participate in the energy balancing markets, ancillary services markets and wholesale energy markets.

Gemalogic VPP offers different ancillary service functions (like tertiary and secondary regulation) needed by TSO. That gives you an opportunity to Increase your earnings by offering services to the transmission system operator (TSO).

The platform includes special functionalities for the online aggregation of intense data flows and near real-time system response.

The platform provides support for the full process of activation. The process starts with a request for activation, and then the calculation of the available sources and the optimal engagement of sources are carried out. After the activation is finished, the reports and analyses of the activation are created as well as the settlement reports.

The prediction model management functionality helps to find the best prediction model for each resource in the right situation. Models employ methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning which help the models to adequately describe each resource.


There are two user interfaces.

First is the user interface for the VPP operator with a Monitoring panel, an Activation Panel, Alarms and Alerts Panel, a Settlement Panel and a Resources panel.

The VPP partner interface excludes some functionality from the Activation Panel and limits the partner’s access to only their own data. Dashboards contain an overview of key performance indicators, such as activation success, payments, and CO2 emissions savings; they can get access to load profiles of their energy productions and consumption.


Demand response that engages customers and provides greater reliability of the networks.

  • Effectively engage with utility consumers on demand response.
  • Effective balance in utility portfolio and bidding into reserve markets
  • Connecting thousands of sensors in factories and buildings so that at any point in time aggregator will know exactly the amount of flexible power they have at their disposal.
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