Case Studies

Go beyond energy sales.

Utilities need better visibility and operational control over transmission and distribution networks.

Solvera Lynx offers solutions to connect the users and energy sources into a responsive unit improving your core technical, commercial and organizational processes, complying with regulations and leveraging grid flexibility.

Your company will be able to reduce costs while ensuring the reliability of operations, improving performance, contributing to grid stability and minimizing balancing risks.

Our Utility case studies

  • Energy Operators - Complete solution package for energy operators offering advanced systems for integrity, operations, asset and maintenance management. Get all data you need to make informed decisions for improving efficient operations, enable greater network reliability, increase safety, support regulatory compliance, introduce better asset management through comprehensive and consistent network overview: historical data, real-time data, and forecasts.Read more
  • ENERGY UTILITIES - SOLUTIONS FOR ENERGY UTILITIES (PROVIDERS AND SUPPLIERS) There is an impressive number of challenges Energy Utilities are facing nowadays: aging infrastructure, sinking margins, legislation compliance obligations, optimal reserves management and need of new technologies introduction.Read more
  • Energy aggregators - With distributed energy generation growing and increasing amounts of renewable power coming onto the grid, new challenges for Power Utilities and Grid operators emerge: imbalance loads and difficulties with integration of diverse resources. To tackle these challenges and balance demand response Solvera Lynx developed Gemalogic Virtual Power Plant Platform to deliver clear demand response for grid operators and power utilities.Read more

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