Case Studies

Solvera Lynx provides smart energy management solutions to a wide range of manufacturing companies.

 Using the advanced GemaLogic Platform and ComBox communication equipment our clients reduce their energy consumption and cost, increase the company’s competitiveness, and introduce effective energy management across the organization.

Benefits from the system’s implementation:

  • Better overview of the energy consumption in the manufacturing process with an in-depth analysis of each stage;
  • Introduction of the most comprehensive analysis tools to monitor, target and track energy efficiency performance;
  • Identification of energy consumption inefficiencies and issues in the manufacturing processes;
  • Setting energy KPIs with different variables such as production output;
  • Performing targeting and track energy efficiency with different type of analyses (monitoring & targeting (M&T), cumulative sum of deviations (CuSuM), tariff & cost analysis, Sankey diagram);
  • Implementation of an alarm system (the detection of deviations and their causes with the possibility of quick action); employees involvement on different organizational levels using interactive, informative dashboards to monitor energy consumption.

Our Manufacturing case studies

  • Glass products - Improve the plant efficiency and study optimization potential using our GemaLogic Platform. Monitor energy consumption, control systems & process and make efficiency analyses.Read more
  • Construction Materials Construction Materials - Using our innovative tools for Energy Management you will be able to optimize energy-intensive production processes, comply with energy regulation and meet the energy consumption reduction targets.Read more
  • Electrotechnical Products Electrotechnical Products - Identify resources consumption patterns, compare historical data, and predict future energy needs – all of this with one GemaLogic Platform.Read more
  • Chemicals & Plastic Products Chemicals & Plastic Products - Accomplish primary energy management goals: holistic monitoring of energy efficiency performance and reduction of energy consumption.Read more
  • Textile, Apparel & Footware Textile, Apparel & Footware - Introduce a comprehensive energy management system as the first step towards energy efficiency and consumption reduction targets.Read more
  • Packaging-Solvera Packaging - Experience fully customized solutions for increased energy consumption- and cost awareness, optimization of energy use and supporting ISO 50001 process.Read more
  • Paper Paper products - Create a corporate portal for energy data management. Upgrade your Energy Management initiatives, using our sustainable solutions.Read more
  • Pharmaceutical products Pharmaceutical products - Get the systematic control over consumption, locate the data in one place, identify inefficiencies and provide your team with intelligent reporting and analysis.Read more
  • Tobacco Tobacco - Achieve energy efficiency with an accurate overview of energy use across your facility. See the valuable insights at different organizational levels, in a way you prefer.Read more

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