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The introduction of a Solvera Lynx Energy Management System will help your company to:

  • Get insights into real-time energy consumption, check equipment performance, study current HVAC systems and analyze employees’ behaviour.
  • Identify inefficiencies, and find opportunities for systematic improvements and savings.
  • Optimize energy use among the biggest energy consumers in the Food & beverage industry: HVAC, Process technologies (cooking, filtration, mixing, packaging)
  • And Cold Supply (refrigerators, freezing)
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs without any negative impact on the production processes.
  • Link your production goals with energy efficiency goals.

An interdisciplinary team of experts will support you to assure that the most suitable energy management initiatives are undertaken.

Our Food and beverage case studies

  • Food production - Analyse efficiency and find ways to improve and optimize energy consumption.Read more
  • Flavour and Ingredients - Allocate all energy consumption data at one place and monitor, control analyze and predict your consumption.Read more
  • Drinks - Aim for sustainable production processes, reduce energy cost with optimization of energy consumption.Read more

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