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Healthcare facilities

The operation of healthcare facilities requires massive energy consumption. To optimize the enormous energy use, organizations require tailor-made energy management solutions.

Healthcare institutions all over the world have been growing in the last decade. Their, by far, the most important concern is business and operational efficiency. Hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and care homes are major energy consumers. Lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, security systems, elevators, sterilization, operating rooms work there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The introduction of an energy management system can be the answer for operational efficiency improvement, and immediate savings and energy loss reduction.

Healthcare facilities of all sizes can benefit from Solvera Lynx Energy Management Solution by:

  • Implementing comprehensive energy management and monitoring tools across the entire facilities
  • Reducing and optimizing energy consumption
  • Minimizing energy cost

Our Healthcare facilities case studies

  • Healthcare facilities Hospitals - Convert energy data to useful insights that will improve operational efficiency and optimize processes.Read more
  • Rehabilitation facilities - Optimize consumption and reduce energy expenses without any interruptions. Get complete visibility and control over resources use.Read more
  • Care homes - Accurately monitor, control and analyze energy use and find the best strategies to effectively manage energy consumption.Read more

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