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Extreme competition, rising costs of natural resources and the need to manage multiple sites challenge facility managers to undertake systematic energy management initiatives.

Understand the unique resource consumption patterns within your facility, find opportunities for improvements and implement customized solutions that lead to savings sustainability.

Our comprehensive approach includes the following steps:

STEP 1: Analyze the energy usage across your entire organization with our innovative Software (GemaLogic) and Hardware (ComBox) solutions

STEP 2: Consult with our energy managers to determine the trouble sites and identify changes that will bring sustainable improvements.

STEP 3: Monitor changes in energy consumption patterns using our intuitive online dashboards that will give you complete visibility in real-time.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from our comprehensive energy management solutions, from huge hospitality and healthcare facilities to a small store nearby.

Use the power of reliable data to support strategic energy management decisions.

Our Buildings case studies

  • Healthcare facilities Healthcare facilities - Operation of healthcare facilities requires massive energy consumption. To optimize enormous energy use, organizations require tailor-made energy management solutions.Read more
  • Commercial facilities - Solvera Lynx has provided tailor-made energy management solutions for many commercial facilities. Our strongest references are projects with the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and logistic centers in the region.Read more
  • Hospitality facilities - Introduction of systematic energy management activities in the hospitality industry is not just an economic necessity, but a strategical business decision focused on the enhancing and optimization of operational processes, which will become a competitive advantage in the long-term perspective.Read more
  • Municipalities Municipalities - Public authorities face a need to adopt sustainable energy management solutions and infrastructure upgrades in order to reach desired economic performance goals and contribute to the creation of socially and environmentally – responsible communities.Read more

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