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Žito company

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Žito company

Company Profile: Production of bakery, confectionary and milled products, frozen foods, candy, chewing gum, chocolate, biscuit pastry, pasta, spices, tea, and rice.
Project: Information system for energy management



  • Consumption of resources: electricity
  • Facilities: number of buildings 12
  • Data sourses: 40
  • Primary energy consumers: Primary electricity consumers: cooling and refrigeration technologies, HVAC, lightning



The primary purpose of the project was implementing a comprehensive energy management solution in order to:

  • Get a clear picture on electricity consumption that makes possible to undertake well-informed energy efficiency initiatives and adopt systematic energy management.
  • Optimize high energy consumption expenses (due to extensive use of energy for cooling equipment)
  • Reduce operational costs by optimizing the furnace energy consumption
  • Introduce a comprehensive approach to energy management to ensure continual improvement and low energy costs.
  • Get complete overview and control temperatures across different locations (warehouses, refrigeration facilities)



Solvera Lynx offered tools to reduce energy usage and optimize equipment performance. The data were recorded every 15 minutes and relayed to data-collection and analysis software GemaLogic. GemaLogic Energy Management platform provided consumption insights based on accurate energy data. This enables the Energy Team to have a clear view of energy consumption across the whole site, and thus to establish targets, track progress, and take immediate action when required.



  • Automatical collection of energy data at strategic points on the production line
  • Loging the meter data and transfer this to GemaLogic on a daily basis
  • Analyses of the energy data to determine the cause of anomalies
  • Transparency over energy/water consumption and detailed analytics and insights into real-time energy consumption
  • Alarm system implementation (the detection of deviations and their causes in energy consumption and the possibility of quick action (e.g., water leakage)
  • Energy efficiency improvements through real-time monitoring advanced analyses and benchmarking



  • Identification of inefficiencies, and finding opportunities for systematic improvements and savings.
  • Optimization of energy use among the most significant energy consumers: HVAC, Process technologies and Cold Supply (refrigerators, freezing)
  • Reduction of energy consumption and costs without any negative impact on the production processes.


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