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Advanced system for pipeline integrity management, operations management, asset management and maintenance management.

All data you need to make more informed, crucial decision for efficient system operations at one place.



Data Acquisition & Management Portal

  • Data Validation: a scheduled operation which checks the data consistency for a number received hourly values, minimum and maximum allowed hourly ranges, tests with counters and hourly values, tests with consumption profiles.
  • Data Integration
  • Metering and Telemetery
  • Reporting & Analyses: custom reports, custom analyses, scheduled reports, executive dashboards


Gas Consumption Management – gas consumption measuring, gas consumption demand forecasting

  • Gas Supply Management – monitoring of the pressure in pipelines, alerts setting.
  • Energy Efficiency Portal for Customers – pricing, billing, and financial settlements



  • Digitalizing operations of a gas distributor – all features needed by market participants are included in GemaLogic.
  • Improving services of gas utilities by optimization of the supply processes
  • Improving the efficiency of gas distribution network by accurate and precise operation management based on real-time data
  • Increasing network reliability & safety of pipelines with improved integrity management
  • Better asset maintenance (efficient use of available pipeline infrastructure before investing in an expensive new build.)



  • Complete solution package for gas distribution system operators
    Enables greater network reliability, improved operational efficiency, increased safety, support for regulatory compliance, better asset management through comprehensive and consistent gas network overview: historical data, real-time data, and forecasts.
  • Solution‘s customization opportunity
    Any customizations or changes are available on request
  • Processes digitalization and automation
    All data at one place – all team members access the same network grid information.


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