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Steklarna Hrastnik Company

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Steklarna Hrastnik Company

Company Profile: a Slovenian glass products manufacturing company. The Steklarna Hrastnik Company is the leading glass products manufacturer in Slovenia with a 150-year tradition. The company specializes in special glass packaging, glassware and lighting, as well as handmade items. The production takes place in two organizational units, where the energy consumers and measuring stations are dispersed over the entire production area.

Project: an information system for energy management.

The company has a strong environmental regulation compliance strategy and is dedicated to optimizing and reducing energy consumption. In order to comply with European energy regulation and meet the energy consumption reduction target, Steklarna Hrastnik decided to carry out an energy management project.


Locations: 2
Consumption of resourses: Electricity, compressed air, natural gas, water, oxygen


As an environmentally and energy-friendly company, Steklarna Hrastnik decided to carry out an energy management project. The project included the complete digitalization of energy data with the purpose of implementing an energy management system which provides a transparent view of energy consumption, offering a tool for employees to perform more relevant energy management and energy efficiency activities in order to reduce energy costs. Energy optimization of glass manufacturing across such large and dispersed industrial area was made possible by utilizing new innovative LoRaWAN communication technology instead of the classical wired system.


Energy consumption monitoring: Electricity, compressed air, natural gas, oxygen, water (sanitary water, cooling water)

Energy efficiency analysis and predictions

  • Energy efficiency performance indicators;
  • Energy consumption vs production output
  • Energy consumption vs m³ compressed air
  • Energy performance and targeting
  • Targeting energy consumption quantities and costs

Alarm in case of consumption or cost deviations

System and process monitoring

  • Machine status monitoring
  • Machines, furnaces, lighting, cooling technologies, vacuum pumps
  • Air and Water conditions monitoring
  • Temperature, pressure



  • Transparency over energy/and water consumption and detailed analytics (digitalization of energy data, alerts and short response times in case of system deviations)
  • Energy efficiency improvements through real time energy monitoring and advanced analysis, benchmarking and forecasting
  • Time-independent overview and evaluation of energy consumption in accordance with tariffs, thus allowing schedules optimisation for production
  • Energy consumption reduction in the first year of solution implementation
  • Total energy consumption reduction
  • Reduction of energy losses caused by water and compressed air leakages
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Support in ISO 50.001 implementation


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