Introduction of a smart grid on a national level within NEDO project

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Introduction of a smart grid on a national level within NEDO project


Introduction of a smart grid on a national level within NEDO project

Solvera Lynx can proudly share the example of successful use case of introduction of a smart grid on a national level within NEDO project.

Slovenian- Japanese project NEDO, is a three-year project, where management of electricity consumption in households is being implemented. It enables electricity consumers to actively manage their energy consumption and save money on electricity bills. The initiative is also expected to be beneficial for Slovenian electric power operators through preparing advanced infrastructure framework to improve their service quality.

In this project, Solvera Lynx provides software development, development of the electrical energy consumption management system (Demand Response Control System), hardware development and coordination’s of the installation of LoRaWAN wireless communication devices – Direct Load Control (ComBox.L DLC) devices for direct disconnection and the equipment for the energy consumption management in households (HEMS).

Direct Load Control (DLC) devices are placed in project participants’ households. DLC devices automatically switch off electrical loads at the time of power reserve (TSO – tertiary reserve) high network tariffs (DSO – Critical Peak Tariff) thus helping energy consumers to adjust their energy consumption and reduce their electricity bill. The devices were developed and produced by Solvera Lynx and are one of first direct load control devices using wireless LoRaWAN communication. Since start of the project we have reached 100% rate in devices operation.

Results of the projects so far are remarkable:

DSO Elektro Maribor and TSO ELES have benefited by better exploitation of the existing power grid instead of investing in grid expansion, the use of advanced secondary equipment, information and communication technologies, and cloud solutions. Average reach demand response of all included active users was:

  • in wintertime: 30 % of average demand power and
  • in summertime: 17 % of average demand power.”


Download Use Case (PDF) here

Download Use Case (PPT) here

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