OTS 2018 Conference

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OTS 2018 Conference

June 19, 2018 - June 20, 2018

OTS 2018 Conference

Join Solvera Lynx team at OTS Conference 2018 in Maribor, 19 – 20.06!

Our Flexibility experts will present our innovative demand response control system used for the management of the users’ electrical energy consumption.

Details about the project:

Introduction of a smart grid on a national level.

Lynx Solvera participates in the Slovenian- Japanese project NEDO, a three-year smart grid project, the main partners of which are the NEDO Japanese Development Agency with its authorized provider Hitachi and the ELES company.

It is a pilot project where magement of electricity consumption in households is being implemented. It is aimed at acquiring knowledge about users and their behavior,identifying the requirements and ways of integrating various information systems for the needs of  electricity distribution network,  checking how  different types of storage management devices can be connected to the entire energy management system in the electricity distribution company.

Solvera Lynx coordinates one of the 4 project parts, namely WG3, in which we collaborate with the energy distribution company Elektro Maribor, EIMV, TECES, the Local Energy Agency of Ptuj, Creative Laboratory and more than 800 creative household users who are taking part in the Move the Consumption project (www.premakni-porabo.si). It enables electricity consumers to actively manage their energy consumption and save money on electricity bills. The initiative is also expected to be beneficial for Slovenian electric power operators through preparing advanced infrastructure framework to improve their service quality.

In this project, Solvera Lynx provides software development, development of the electrical energy consumption management system (Demand Response Control System) and coordinates the installation of LoRaWAN wireless communication devices for direct disconnection and the equipment for the energy consumption management in households (Home Energy Management System) of two Slovenian providers, Entia and Robotina.

By entering the project, approved by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, the users become active consumers on the territory of 10 municipalities, which are covered by the distribution transformer station (RTP). At the same time, these users are also be part of an important international project that involves both Slovenian and Japanese companies, which will provide guidance for the development of advanced tariffs for all of Slovenia.