CIM Users Group – European Meeting

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CIM Users Group – European Meeting

June 05, 2018 - June 07, 2018

CIM Users Group – European Meeting

Solvera Lynx took part in the CIM Users Group – European 2018 Spring Meeting on 5-7 June 2018 in Ljubljana.

Our expert Gašper Lakota, responsible for energy flexibility solutions, presented our newly developed information system for on-demand control of electrical consumption in households, which was used in NEDO project.

Some technical details about the presentation:

The Demand Response Control System (DRCS) provides the Distribution System Operator (DSO) or Transmission System Operator (TSO) a tool for decreasing the demand for electricity in the times of high network loads or low supply of electrical energy. DRCS provides metering data aggregation, load forecasts and Demand Response (DR) potential forecasts. It also provides the execution of DR actions (shutting of certain electrical loads) by notifying customers and utilizing load control devices installed at households.

Gašper also was talking about how the DRCS system has been integrated with the Advanced Distribution Management System (DMS) and Metering Data Management System (MDMS) using CIM ESB as an integration platform.

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