Annual conference and innovation forum “Future Talks 2017”

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Annual conference and innovation forum “Future Talks 2017”

November 14, 2017

Annual conference and innovation forum “Future Talks 2017”

Solvera Lynx Company has organized the 2nd annual conference and innovation forum “Future Talks 2017” where leading industry experts shared their knowledge and the latest findings about Smart Industry and Smart City Applications.

The event was meant to guide and inspire energy professionals, who wanted to utilize energy sources rationally, improve their profitability and act responsively to the environment and society by the implementation of the efficient energy management solutions.

The event was built from 2 major content blocks. The first was dedicated to technological aspects of modern LoRaWAN technology and opportunities it brings. We were honored to have our guest from Actility Company -Mr. Gabor Pop – a market leader in Smart Cities, Industries & Agriculture. Presentation of Mr. Pop has highlighted the global extension of the LoRaWAN ecosystem with the focus on further technological and market trends, underlined differences in several (competitive) communication technologies: LoRaWAN, NB IoT, LTE-M; Sigfox and showcased variable case studies for demanding technical fields in energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transport.

During the second part of the event, Solvera Lynx’s Slovenian partners: Mr. Tomaž Vuk from Salonit Anhovo Company and Mr. Tomaž Damjan from BTC Company presented implemented energy management projects in industry and facilities.

Presentations of our experts can be found at the following links:

Presentation from Mr. Gabor Pop (Actility Company) Actility_presentation

Presentation from Mr. Tomaž Vuk (Salonit Anhovo Company) Salonit Anhovo_presentation

Presentation from Mr. Tomaž Damjan (BTC Company) BTC_presentation

Press release can be viewed here:

Press release_ 2nd conference and innovation forum_Future Talks 2017