EUREM 2019

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EUREM 2019


EUREM 2019

We are pleased to invite you to the Annual Meeting of ENERGY MANAGERS – ALUMNI EUREM SLOVENIA 2019.

It will be held on 19 September 2019, 9 am, at the Solvere Lynx’s office building (Stegne 23a, Ljubljana).

The meeting is organized by Solvera Lynx in cooperation with the Jozef Stefan Institute – Center for Energy Efficiency and the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Construction (GBC Slovenia). We will exchange experience between EUREM members and energy companies.

Below you will find details and a program that we had to change a bit because of the tragic death of the guest of the meeting, Dav Karničar.



8:30 – 9:00     Arrival of participants
9:00 – 9:05     Greetings – IJS-CEU and GBC Slovenia
9:05 – 9:30     Energy Efficient Lighting for Nuclear Facilities – Srečko Bizjak, CEO of DITO Lighting
9: 30-10: 00   Flexible Energy Management Solution in the Glass Industry – Tomaž Buh, Solvera Lynx
10: 00-10: 30 Current status and future challenges of EUREM education Slovenia – Boris Sučić, IJS-CEU
10: 30-11: 00  Networking
11: 00-11: 20   Sustainable Construction in Slovenia – Iztok Kamenski, President of the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Construction
11: 20-11: 40   Modern energy efficient buildings for long-term investment – Irena Hospel, Wienerberger
11: 40-12: 00  Energy-efficient renovation for buildings – Tomaž Dolenc, Knaufinsulation
12: 00-12: 20  Interior Insulation – Performance Options – Milos Kmetic, Xella Porobeton
12: 20-12: 40  Transparent parts Facade Wrap – Peter Bandelj, Alukoenningstahl
12: 40-13: 00  Renovation of objects with cultural significance – Iztok Kamenski, JUB
13: 00-13: 20  Sustainable building certification – a benefit or a cost – Iva Verbnik, GBC Slovenia
13: 20-13: 40  Eco fund open calls – Mojca Vendramin, Director of the Eco Fund
14: 30-16: 00  Reception, discussion and social event – Participation in the EUREM Slovenia Alumni 2019 Alumni Meeting is free of charge for all EUREM participants and trainers, as well as representatives and guests of the Slovenian Association for Sustainable Construction, if you would like to invite another energy manager, registration for all other participants is 100 €! You are invited!




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