The second wave of digitization drastically changes energy industry

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The second wave of digitization drastically changes energy industry


The second wave of digitization drastically changes energy industry

The increasing share of flexible sources of energy brings technological and business challenges as well as opportunities. From a technological point of view, it will be necessary to provide well-developed networks that will enable safe, high-quality and reliable supply through:

  • efficient cooperation of energy systems with diffuse sources (renewable energy sources, electric vehicles …),
  • energy storage options (energy storage)
  • efficient management of energy flexibility (production and consumption)
  • efficient management of primary and secondary electrical equipment.


Connectivity, interoperability, security and reliability are the key directions for the development of such solutions. Some technologies may not currently be commercially mature enough, but it is expected that they will play an important role in the coming years. Systems for efficient management of flexible energy sources should be considered as important tools for the future in order to ensure a more efficient use of existing energy infrastructure and at the same time reducing the pressure for investments, conventional increase in the transmission capacities of the primary infrastructure. Also, such systems already allow preventive maintenance and reduction of technical losses. It is expected that advanced predictive algorithms will allow smart and efficient management of flexible sources of electricity.

Digital revolution is in the progress. It’s a fact. It is possible to recognize that, on average, Slovenian companies follow technological developments and introduce advanced technologies into their processes; crucial as a bit less important. Requirements for lean business execution and achievement of high quality products services require a focus on digitization in all areas; both in the processes of development of new products, in the production processes, as well as in the processes of managing relations with customers and suppliers. In any case, also in the field of employee relations management. This kind of investment is supposed to be a direction. It should be implemented continuously. They should not be considered as a one-time contribution. Otherwise, many companies are aware that the introduction of the latest technologies and ensuring their connectivity and their smart management are needed today in all areas of the company’s business and is one of the ways of achieving the competitive advantage of the company. Slovenia is no exception in this area.

In Slovenia as well as in Europe and globally, in recent years, examples of successful practices and pilot projects that develop, demonstrate and validate the latest technologies to support the implementation of the above-mentioned changes and orientations can be traced. Technological developments in the fields of the Internet of Things and the Internet enable all power companies:

  • integration of systems and devices for achieving control over state of processes, topology and objects in (almost) real time – support for improvement of quality of supply (power continuity, voltage quality)


It should be pointed out that in addition to the direct economic effects of the introduction of advanced technologies in the electricity market, digitization supports the service-oriented economy. In addition to efficiency, the availability of data in (almost) real time, system connectivity and automation in addition to efficiency offer opportunities for the provision of advanced data services, network services, the provision of new services and the improvement of the commercial quality of existing services. Advanced data analysis will lead to new insights, behaviors and new business models.


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