Electrification and integration of dispersed energy sources – opportunities and challenges

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Electrification and integration of dispersed energy sources – opportunities and challenges


Electrification and integration of dispersed energy sources – opportunities and challenges

Digitalization of the electric energy market

The increasing share of dispersed and flexible energy sources brings technological and business challenges as well as opportunities. Well-developed networks will be required from the technological aspect, which will enable secure, quality and reliable supply through:

  • Efficient cooperation of energy systems with dispersed resources (renewable energy sources, electric vehicles etc.),
  • Energy storage possibilities (energy containers),
  • Efficient management of flexible energy sources (production and offtake).


Globally and in Europe, examples of successful practices and pilot projects can be found that develop, demonstrate and validate the latest technologies to support the realisation of current changes and targeted directions. Technological development in the IoT – Internet of Things and the IoE – Internet of Everything enables:

  • The connection of systems and devices for achieving control over the situation of processes, topology and facilities in (almost) real-time – support for improving supply quality (continuous power supply, voltage quality),
  • Energy flexibility in (almost) real-time for achieving network optimization for maximum penetration of dispersed sources,
  • The storage and conversion of energy surplus for achieving network optimization for maximum penetration of renewable sources.


Connectivity, interoperability, standardization, security and reliability are key directions of development for such solutions. Some technologies might not yet be commercially mature, but we can expect them to play an important role in the future years. Systems for efficient management of flexible energy sources should represent important tools of the future for providing efficient use of the existing energy infrastructure and at the same time reducing the pressure of investments or conventional increase of portable capacities for primary infrastructure. Such systems also enable preventive maintenance and reduction of technical losses. Advanced forecast algorithms enable them to become intelligent and to efficiently manage flexible sources of electric energy.

It must be also pointed out that digitalization supports a service-oriented economy on the electric energy market. Beside efficiency, the availability of data in (almost) real-time, the connectivity of systems and automation also bring to electricity distribution companies opportunities for the implementation of advanced data services, network services, new services and for the improvement of the commercial quality of existing services.


Advanced systems for efficient management of flexible energy sources – experience of Solvera Lynx 

The solutions we present in the Smart networks segment support the implementation of energy flexibility and offtake adaptation:

  • Aggregation platform; supports the implementation of energy flexibility by inclusion in the system of tertiary and secondary reserve (negative, positive)

The concept of including industrial users into the tertiary reserve system currently predicts the role of an aggregator with the purpose of aggregation of flexibility sources or their availability, aggregation of offtake forecast, calculation of activation success and activation calculation.

The aggregation platform receives data on the availability and characteristics of flexibility sources from local platforms for efficient energy management. Directly from the flexibility source is also possible. Prediction algorithms enable the aggregation of offtake prediction. The calculation of activation success is executed on the basis of the calculation procedure for activation success which also represents the basis for the calculation of activation.

  • System for offtake management of household clients; developed in the Slovenian-Japanese NEDO smart networks project.
  • Local platform for efficient and flexible energy management; for supporting the implementation of energy efficiency and flexibility of industrial and other business customers.


In accordance with the field of operation, the detected technological trends and changes in the electric energy market, Solvera Lynx as a provider of efficient and flexible energy management solutions is also included in the implementation of research and development and pilot projects which are focused on the development, integration and validation of such technologies. The software and communication solutions of the company are the result of own development and established as GemaLogic® and ComBox.L® trademarks https://www.solvera-lynx.com/sl/ .



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